Comical Harassment update….

I was like LOL, ROLFL, (whatever those acronyms are) when I stopped by to pick up the other two Harassment complaints Dean K. Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic filed against me.  At his Insurance Fraud hearing, He was called a Spin Doctor and was noted for using Misdirection.  Well….  If anything, this idiot is consistent. When he was charged with fraud, he was blaming his attorney for his conviction, even though he pled guilty.  Now, He is caught again committing fraud. What he will do is when he is questioned on it he will say, LOOK, I FILLED A HARASSMENT COMPLAINT AGAINST SOMEONE WHICH MAKES ME INNOCENT.  I am so glad he is digging himself into his own hole.  The more he does, the deeper it gets.  I won’t comment any more on the stupidity…. but you can make your own judgement just by reading these.  Ill put all three up including the original harassment complaint.  You will definitely get a kick out of this:


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