Trial was a success… For me that is.

Dean K Ziegler lost in a big way today at the magistrates.  I was deemed not guilty. Dean k Ziegler gave his ridiculous speech and then the judge said “Let me be as blunt as possible. There is no crime here” Of course Dean K Ziegler kept pushing the matter but the judge put him down. I was seriously laughing out loud to myself.

The gates have been opened for a case malicious prosecution among there complaints.


Bogus Harassment… an update

The hearing is upcoming next week where Dean K Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic filed a malicious harassment complaint against me that is nothing more than abuse of process. To follow after is a run down of what happened at the hearing. It is expected that I will prevail. There are no doubts about that.  And we will be closer to suing Dean K. Ziegler in the court of common pleas for a slew of counts because of his abuse of the criminal process.  🙂  I am actually very excited and glad he brought these frivolous harassment charges against me. Go figure he brings a FRAUD against the court.  His name should be Dean FRAUD Ziegler. Karma is going to get him good.

Key points of Dean K Zieglers Fraud Conviction (From supreme court appeal)…

–The affiant[s are] Detective Peter McAfee and Detective Barry
McCooley of the Insurance Fraud Task Force. They report that
they received an anonymous tip from an individual indicating that 
the defendant in this case, Mr. Ziegler, had been submitting
bills for services that were not performed.
The caller also reported that at one point the defendant
was in jail and the practice continued running without his
     Based on that an investigation was initiated, You[r] Honor,
on August 5th of 2008. The Detectives determined that the
defendant was arrested for reckless endangerment and as a
result of that he spent some time in Lehigh County Prison.
    The investigation further determined that while the
defendant was incarcerated, particularly in the dates of January
23rd, January 27th, January 29th of 2009, as well as January 31st
of 2009, the defendant had submitted bills or had his practice
submit bills for doctor examinations that had occurred on those
     Because he was incarcerated it was determined that doctor
exams could not have been performed, based on his location at
that point in time. Detectives further conducted an undercover
operation where 13 appointments were made for treatment at
Ziegler Chiropractic.
     Detectives working in an undercover capacity and
audiotaping the interactions that occurred at the Ziegler
Chiropractic Clinic determined that doctor’s exams were billed for
approximately well, actually ten of the visits made by the
undercover officers when, in fact, doctor’s exams were not
performed and compensation for that activity was submitted to
State Farm Insurance, Infinity Insurance, Nationwide, [and]
Titan AIG for those services that were in fact
not rendered.
–His chiropractic license was not only an expected collateral consequence of
his fraud conviction, to the extent that he believed he could circumvent the
State Board of Chiropractic’s imminent determination and continue operating
a clinic, that misapprehension of the law did not undermine the validity of
the plea agreement.  
–The two (Dean K Ziegler and his attorney) discussed at length the probability 
that Appellant would lose his chiropractic license, and Appellant suggested 
relocating the practice to the Caribbean or seeking licensure in Texas. 
–In fact, in light of the strength of the Commonwealth’s insurance fraud case 
and Appellant’s inability to afford an expert to present a positive interpretation 
of his billing scheme, the reality of Appellant losing his license following his 
 conviction was so obvious, the chosen trial strategy was to delay the case and thereby
extend Appellant’s ability to continue to practice as long as possible.
–Attorney McGogney further explained that the Commonwealth had overwhelming 
evidence of the fraudulent billing, including the testimony of undercover investigators 
who were examined at Appellant’s office on one occasion but were charged for 
multiple procedures and examinations that were not performed.  
–The court announced, “Whatever little machinations were going on with you trying to
still continue to practice, when you have an insurance fraud conviction
against you, is not relevant to whether or not the plea was knowing, intelligent and 
voluntary. It’s just not. And until I see some case law that says otherwise, this 
[argument] is approaching ridiculous.”  
–Attorney McGogney believed that the testimony presented by those witnesses would 
be sufficient to convict Appellant, particularly when Appellant was unable to present 
an expert to dispute the Commonwealth’s expert testimony regarding the billing codes. 
–Moreover, Attorney McGogney met with the insurance fraud investigators and learned 
that the Commonwealth was considering amending the criminal complaint to level 
several additional charges stemming from its investigation of Appellant’s 
 billing practices
–Attorney McGogney believed that the plea agreement was the best that Appellant
could attain under the circumstances and he did not want to needlessly annoy 
the prosecution to obtain an inconsequential piece of evidence. 

deankzieglerfraud has a new home…

In order to increase search engine exposure, the domain: has been registered. You can still get to this blog with the original address but now so will

Dean K Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic has been charged and admitted to Insurance Fraud. It has been my experience and the experience of others that he continues to commit fraud after being charged as he hasn’t learned his lesson. It is my hopes that everyone and anyone learn about Dean K Zieglers history so they can make an informed decision about using his services or not. And, if they use his services, they will know what to watch out for.

Dean K Ziegler is so flustered about the thought of others learning about his history that he has filed fraudulent harassment complaints against me. Go figure…. He is constantly committing Fraud. I have no concern that I will prevail in this battle. This “Spin Doctor” has been known to think everyone is dumber than he is. He uses misdirection and smoke screens to try and cover up his own dark clouds in the failing hopes to implicate others in wrong doing.

The news hits the nail on the head…

This is Dean K. Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic:

defrauding insurance companies
 attacking his girlfriend and throwing her down a flight of stairs
admitting he billed several companies for more than $6,000 of work he did not complete
admitted he broke his girlfriend’s nose and threw her down the stairs
minimized his crimes
did not believe he was truly remorseful
“You’re not as smart as you think you are,”
not fully taken responsibility for the crime
“spin doctor.”
“He’s been talking a lot in circles, a lot of misdirection,”
“…he thinks everyone is dumber than he is.”

Contact preference….

I hadn’t made it clear originally, but if anyone is going to contact me please stay anonymous. That is best for you and me. So far everyone else has been anonymous and I wish to keep it that way. If you remain as such, it is best for many reasons especially preventing our friend from being able to play spin doctor with your records.

Thank you for you understanding and cooperation.

Harassment Update…..

     I would like to thank everyone for their support in my battle with the harassment complaints made by Dean K. Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic.  I have received assistance in preparation and know that I will prevail.  This character has been called a “Spin Doctor” and uses misdirection to try and divert the dark cloud over him to something else.  In this instance, its not going to work (as if it even worked in the past).
     When push comes to shove, Karma always comes through and the right thing will happen.  The first hearing is set for later this month and I am well prepared.  It is expected that he will use his “spin doctor” ways in front of the magistrate.  Its been said that he thinks everyone is dumber than he is.  Well an educated individual like a Magistrate Judge is going to see right through him for what he really is.
     His complaints are nothing close to harassment.  The way they are written already screams out not guilty.  And when he begins to speak…..  Well he will even more support my innocence.  No worries here.
     Any supporter of his is only being told even more misdirection from this “spin doctor” just as he tried to make himself look innocent of Insurance Fraud in front of me.  I have been onto him from the moment I met him and never trusted him.  When I had all my information ready, I was more than eager to file the required complaints and go to the District Attorney about him.
     He should have never trusted me with his computers or patient records as I was able to have access to any incriminating information necessary.  And when he asked me to create patient records, I was sure to put my own code sorta speak into the documents and keep copies. And of course the insurance company didn’t pay on them because I had called them and informed them of the fraud I was instructed to do. I was sure to keep all my ducks in a row.  I just had to be careful that he didn’t find out about my disloyalty as my partner was eager to remain working for this character (for some reason) but I was able to get required information and make complaints while he still worked for him.
     How ironic that he is filling petty complaints against me with the DA that are abuse of process and  malicious prosecution (go figure he commits fraud on the court system) and at the same time people are making legitimate complaints against him and providing documentation of his actions.  I would give up coffee for a month if I could know what they are thinking in the DAs office.  I already filled them in on my experiences with his “spin doctor” ways.  They already know from their own experience with him as to what he is like.

A malicious prosecution claim: (AKA Fraud on the Court)

Pennsylvania law requires that a
plaintiff bringing a malicious prosecution claim must demonstrate
each of the following:
     (1) the defendant initiated criminal proceedings;
(2) the criminal proceedings ended in Plaintiffs’
(3) the proceedings were initiated without probable
cause; and
     (4) the defendant acted maliciously or for a purpose
other than bringing the plaintiff to justice.
Bradley v. General Accident Ins., 778 A.2d 707, 710 (Pa. Super.

  In order to state a claim for abuse of process, a plaintiff must  demonstrate that the defendant: (1) used a legal process against the plaintiff, (2) primarily to accomplish a purpose for which the      process was not designated, and (3) harm has been caused to the    plaintiff.  Douris, 229 F.Supp.2d at 404.

Relying on Public Records…

Pennsylvania law recognizes a constitutional privilege for publishing truthful facts contained in public records. So far, Pennsylvania courts have applied this protection to information obtained from court records, but it would likely apply to other government records as well, both because of a potential constitutional privilege and because the information is already exposed to the public eye.

In Cox Broadcasting v. Cohen, 420 U.S. 469 (1975), the Supreme Court of the United States held that the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits states from imposing a penalty on the press for publishing accurate information obtained from a public court record. As a result of this case, most states recognize an absolute privilege for publication of information found in a publicly available (i.e., not sealed) court record. While the case involved traditional media, there is no reason to believe that its reasoning and holding would not extend to non-traditional journalists and other online publishers. This means that you cannot be held liable for publishing accurate facts about someone that you find in a public court record, regardless of how embarrassing they are. Note that this privilege will protect you in publishing information about past crimes (discussed above), so long as you gather your information from publicly available court records, such as an indictment or trial transcript. 

“By placing the information in the public domain on official court records, the State must be presumed to have concluded that the public interest was thereby being served. Public records by their very nature are of interest to those concerned with the administration of government, and a public benefit is performed by the reporting of the true contents of the records by the media. The freedom of the press to publish that information appears to us to be of critical importance to our type of government in which the citizenry is the final judge of the proper conduct of public business. In preserving that form of government the First and Fourteenth Amendments command nothing less than that the States may not impose sanctions on the publication of truthful information contained in official court records open to public inspection.”