Dean K. Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractor does not like negative reviews…

     It seems Dean K. Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic has been trying hard to have my reviews removed from any site I have them on. Thats where having this blog comes into play.  I control the content based on truth.
     It is important to me that people know about his history and potential to commit fraud on them.  I have been harmed by Dean K. Ziegler and I don’t want the same for others.  
     Its great the internet is available for allowing an avenue for the everyday person to be a journalist and share (via First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech) their experiences.

                                  This is from google plus:

     He doesn’t mention the important fact that the harassment complaint is a private complaint and not one brought on by the authorities (as they are smart enough to notice real harassment when it occurs).
I guess this shows that he is using the criminal process to try and have his way with having negative reviews removed.  And that is abuse of process. 

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