Allentown chiropractor charged with fraud

News article about Dean Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic

December 10, 2010
An Allentown chiropractor was charged with fraud for submitting bills for work he didn’t do and overbilling insurance companies, according to the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Insurance Fraud Task Force.
Dean Kevin Ziegler, 48, who runs a business out of his residence at 101 S. 14th St., allegedly billed five insurance companies for more than $3,300 worth of exams in January and February 2009 — while he was in Lehigh County Prison for violating his parole in a separate, unrelated case.
Acting on a tip, authorities said they investigated this year and determined Ziegler had billed the insurance companies for 10 appointments that never took place. He also allegedly submitted reimbursements for 12 manual therapy treatments, which cost more than the therapy that had been actually done, investigators said.
Ziegler was charged with two counts each of insurance fraud and theft by deception, and six counts each of criminal conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and criminal conspiracy to commit theft by deception. He was scheduled to be arraigned before District Judge Ron Manescu.
– Arlene Mart

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