News article about Dean Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic

Local Allentown chiropractor, Dean …

Local Allentown chiropractor, Dean K. Ziegler, was at one time doing well with his practice, which he operated from home. However, once investigators learned that he was billing for services that took place while serving time behind bars, authorities began to question the operation of hisbusiness.

According to local news station, WFMZ-TV 69 News, the 48 year-old operator of Ziegler Chiropractic Rehabilitation, located at 100 block of South 14th Street, was accused of billing for chiropractic and physical therapy services that never occurred.

“Prosecutors said Ziegler also knew that more than $3,000 in bills had been submitted for appointments scheduled with him while he was in the Lehigh County Prison in January and February 2009.”

Apparently, Ziegler’s original incarceration was from an unrelated arrest that occurred in August of 2008. He was placed on 18 months of probation, but taken into custody again after he allegedly violated his probation.

Equipment, computers and various documents were eventually seized by the Lehigh County Insurance Fraud Task Force and Ziegler was charged with two counts of insurance fraud and theft by deception, and six counts each of criminal conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and criminal conspiracy to commit theft by deception.


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